Re: [xsl] Standards checkers for XSLT

Subject: Re: [xsl] Standards checkers for XSLT
From: Kamal Bhatt <kbhatt@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:50:58 +1100
Kamal Bhatt wrote:
We have a fair bit of XSLT and I would like to start enforcing standards. I was wondering if anyone knows of any standards checkers for XSLT/XML. Is anyone using standards checkers for their projects? I am looking for something that can be run from Ant/Maven, and something that integrates with Eclipse and Dreamweaver would be nice. In the past, I have used XSLT's to check XSD files, its is not pretty, so I would like to avoid this approach (besides, you can't check formatting with XSLT's).

If no one has a standards checker, does anyone use any standards? Any tips for formatting, presentation, even best practices.


Kamal Bhatt

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