[xsl] template matching using namespace

Subject: [xsl] template matching using namespace
From: "Nima Kaviani" <nkaviani@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 22:54:13 -0800
Hi list,

Once again your help with my 2 questions will be highly appreciated.

First, I have a template in which I only use the namespace to filter
out the elements. But based on the content I want to behave in
different ways inside the template. So, let's say I have the snippet

<constraint:SimpleConstraint rdf:ID="ph_student">
	 <constraint:subject rdf:resource="#var1"/>
	 <constraint:predicate rdf:resource="&rdf;type"/>
	 <constraint:object rdf:resource="&univ;PhD"/>
	 <policy:desc>PhD student</policy:desc>

<constraint:And rdf:ID="andedConstraints">
	 <constraint:firstt rdf:resource="#isPhdStudent"/>
	 <constraint:second rdf:resource="#isLivingInOurLab"/>	

<constraint:SimpleConstraint rdf:ID="oredConstraints">
	 <constraint:firstt rdf:resource="#wasPhDStudent"/>
	 <constraint:second rdf:resource="#wasWorkingInOurLab"/>	

and the following template:

<xsl:template match="constraint:*">
<!-- some code -->

if I apply my template to the XML file above then it will catch all
the three elements. is there any way I can find out which one is
currently being caught by the current template that the program
counter is in?

I know I could have 3 different templates defined, with the element
names explicitly written, but then I have to have redundant code that
I prefer to avoid.

My second question, is there any way I can identify and copy those parts of the code that have not been caught by any of the defined XSLT template, to the output?

thanks a lot,

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