Re: Re: [xsl] Unexpected ('a', 'b')[fn:position()] result

Subject: Re: Re: [xsl] Unexpected ('a', 'b')[fn:position()] result
From: "Rachel D. Basse" <honestrosewater@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 02:26:11 -0500
"The function position() (you don't need to put "fn:" in front of it) returns the position of the context node. The context changes within the XPath expression to each node it is evaluating."

Haha, right, the context item changes when evaluating the sequence. Super. :P Thanks! 


<wt:param name="missingParamNames">
 <wt:for-each select="
  if ($do = ('change', 'remove')) then
  else if ($do = 'add') then
    ($fileName, $title, $type, $smellsLike)
  <!-- ================== Yay! ==================== -->
  <wt:variable name="position" select="wf:position()"/>
  <wt:sequence select="
   if (. = '') then

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