Re: [xsl] inline within block within table-cell (scrunch or wrap)

Subject: Re: [xsl] inline within block within table-cell (scrunch or wrap)
From: "John Cavalieri" <john.cavalieri@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 12:39:35 -0600
Hi J.Pietschmann,

But this is shrinking of text space to the point of being unreadable.
It doesn't matter how much text I cram into the inline.  XEP never
wraps and continues to squeeze the text into one line.  To the point
where the letters are on top of each other.

Are the default fonts still the culprits?


On 3/7/07, J.Pietschmann <j3322ptm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
John Cavalieri wrote:
> I am getting significantly different outputs from the below FO sample
> when I process with XEP versus FOP.  The difference occurs with the
> table-cell>block>inline portion.  XEP will scrunch the text into one
> line, where FOP will let the line wrap.
> Which is incorrect... the FO, or if one of the processors?

I'd say neither, from what I can see. You rely on the default
font which might be slightly different for different processors,
and even if you explicitly define a font, you still might get
different font metrics for different processors.


John Cavalieri

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