[xsl] Something like position()

Subject: [xsl] Something like position()
From: Steve <subsume@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:49:52 -0400
I'm making an xsl template which takes a SQL table's info and
automates form display based on data types, field order, etc.

Given something like

 <field name="name" />
 <field name="city" />
 <field name="state" />
 <field name="zip" />
 <field name="favFood" />


Above, I'd like only the nodes which are after @name="city" and before

Let's say, for example, I wanted to add zipPlusFour after "zip" and
before "favFood". I'd want my xsl to 'know' to this field belongs in
the form. Looking for output something like...



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