Re: [xsl] transforming siblings to a hierarchy

Subject: Re: [xsl] transforming siblings to a hierarchy
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2007 17:21:41 +0200
John Smith wrote:
sorry my bad, I missed out the <e/> at the end. It's not a programming
exercise but I was trying to simplify my problem instead of posting
large xml and xslt content to avoid cluttering the actual problem.
... but it is the actual problem that is not clear now....

someone (Ken) posted a large solution to your problem. Did this address your issue? Can you clarify his questions about your inquiry? Where you able to adopt it to your needs? Could you provide us with the XSLT you've got so far and where you go wrong? (again, a small set would help, of course). What is the environment you use it in? What version/processor of XSLT are you using?

We all like to help, but first of, we need the right information to give the right answer. Also see the posting guidelines, send to you each month and available online:

-- Abel Braaksma

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