Re: [xsl] [XSL] Calculating Length of String Variables

Subject: Re: [xsl] [XSL] Calculating Length of String Variables
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 13:43:07 +0100

xsl:when test="string-length($image_src) = '4' or '5'">

that is a boolean or operator, which is true if either operand is
true. The first operand is true if 
string-length($image_src) = '4'
which is true if the string length of image source when converted to a
string is '4'. You meant
string-length($image_src) = 4
which would just test if teh length is 4 (which is the same thing, but

the second operand to or is


a string, if used in a boolean context counts as true if it is non
empty, which is always teh case, so this is always true, so teh or
expression is always true.
you meant
string-length($image_src) = 5

so the whole thing can be wriiten as

<xsl:variabel name="l" select="string-length(@url"/>
<xsl:when test="$l=4 or $l=4"><!- or in xpath 2 $l=(4,5) -->
<img src="images/{@url}"/>
<xsl:when test="$l=6">
<img src="images/{substring(@url,1,4)}.gif alt="Picture
No. {substring(@url,1,4)}"/>


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