Re: [xsl] Document() question

Subject: Re: [xsl] Document() question
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:26:41 +0200
Kerry Kobashi wrote:
I want to use the document() function to get the refurl and process that xml file:

<xsl:variable name="refurl">
 <xsl:value-of select="document('../../test.xml')/items/item/@refurl"/>

You are using value-of, which does what it says: it gets you the "value" of the selected nodes (i.e., the "value", that is a string and not a node set and cannot be processed further). Use, in XSLT 2.0, copy-of, sequence, apply-templates or @select, or, in XSLT 1.0 just use @select.

I tried:


*Warning*: XSLTProcessor::transformToXml() [function.XSLTProcessor-transformToXml <>]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity

you probably tried something else than you state above: document(file:///bla) is a syntax error and cannot compile. Try document('file:///bla').


*Warning*: XSLTProcessor::transformToXml() [function.XSLTProcessor-transformToXml <>]: remote host file access not supported

again, this cannot compile. If you did use quotes in your original and indeed got this warning: your URL is malformed. It should be either file:///c:/a/b/c/index.hmtl (where the first // means: localhost) or it should be file:/c:/a/b/c/index.html, where the absence of the first // means, again, localhost. If you do not want localhost but another server, place that address between // and /, like this: file://otherhost/c$/some/file/here.html.


*Warning*: XSLTProcessor::transformToXml() [function.XSLTProcessor-transformToXml <>]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed:

By now I assume you just mistyped the function in your mail and did the right thing in your real-world stylesheet. Since you have a network address error here, you should try your PHP directly to try to fetch the document. Probably you are behind a firewall, a proxy or anything and your PHP just cannot access the external url.

In general, use "file:///c:/my/path/on/c-drive/index.html" for files, and use ""; (won't work, google does not serve valid xhtml, but the syntax should work and it should not give you the error you mention).

-- Abel Braaksma

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