Re: [xsl] XPath Find and Replace

Subject: Re: [xsl] XPath Find and Replace
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 07:57:32 +0200
Hi Michael,

These are not find & replace, but only find, as I understand them, but perhaps this help you a bit?

XPath checker


Also, tools like Oxygen have powerful visual xpath tools (xpath 2.0 I believe) and quite some others exist, not sure if they can also do replace (I use xslt to do that).

Not sure this is what you are after,

-- Abel Braaksma

Michael Terry wrote:
Shouldn't text editors for programmers have find-and-replace with
XPath? In the case of invalid XML, like a fragment or HTML, it should
try to wrap the text content or convert it to valid XML temporarily in
memory using a free tool[1].

This comes up for me all the time when editing HTML. It'd be so
convenient. Most of the time I want to do pattern matching it's on
markup, and regular expression that can do this have lots of problems:

1) Multiline matching isn't enabled in the tool I'm using.
2) I'm not using perl, so I can't use dynamic patterns.
3) The pattern is fragile and breaks on one of the hundreds of
assumptions I didn't take into account.

[1] Or something. I know some hack is possible, else Firefox
extensions like Firebug couldn't give me expressions to nodes on
arbitrary web pages.

- mwt

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