Re: [xsl] normalize-space and sequence

Subject: Re: [xsl] normalize-space and sequence
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 00:31:46 +0100
> So.... validation can add things (default values) and take them away
> (typed as xs:token).  Any others?

not just xs:token, all XSD types have the potential to lose nodes (not
just white space)

if foo is declared of type xs:integer then

<foo> 1<!-- hmm-->2<?ho ha?>3 </foo>

is valid and you might get a single text node with 123 as input instead
a text node with space 1, a comment node, a text node with 2, a PI node,
and a text node with 3 space.

> I think any alteration of the data through validation is a Very Bad
> Thing, so I would never use it or rely on it.

short of deleting all XSD files from your machine and disconnecting
yourself from the web there's no standard way of saying that you don't
want this to happen. Processors may give configuration options (and
hopefully will) but as far as I can see a processor can decide to use a
schema validating parser by default and a schema validating parser may
decide to fetch any schema  from anywhere against which to validate the
input document.


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