Re: [xsl] Query regarding validating XML with DTD

Subject: Re: [xsl] Query regarding validating XML with DTD
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My application connects with a mobile-service-provider's server and receives
XML via HTTP POST. I extract the data from XML and send an appropriate response
back to the server.

I have been given a set of DTDs by the mobile-service-provider.
The XML I receive/send via HTTP Post must adhere to these DTDs.

My question is - is it necessary to validate the XML I receive from
mobile-service-provider against the DTDs? Or can I assume that - since
the XML was created by the same source who created the DTD; the XML
would definitely adhere to the required rules set in the DTD?

The reason is - I would be receiving loads and loads of such XML
thro HTTP POST; if I am going to validate each such POST request against
DTDs; it might be a huge performance issue!

Regards, Deepak.

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