[xsl] RE: visual XSL

Subject: [xsl] RE: visual XSL
From: "Philip Fearon" <pgfearo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 07:53:20 +0100
Ivan Petrov wrote:

>But there could be effective tools for some specific tasks. I
>downloaded the announced RenderX VisualXSL application and I think it
>is a kind of it. Pretty simple and I think rather useful tool for
>creating form-liked documents.

I agree. I think this shows that despite the fact that there is a
relatively small group of well-established XML/XSLT tools, there will
always be room for new tools that offer a slightly different approach.
XML is used in so many standards now, that it is unlikely that a
single tool will provide all you need in every situation - each tool
has its own strengths.

>I hope they will improve it to make XPath editing more comfortable.

VisualXSL is in good company here. XPath building, editing, testing
and debugging is one area that, in my view, hasn't been fully
exploited (yet) by a number of XSLT tools, this has left the door open
for light-weight specialist XPath tools.

A number of these XPath tools are freely available, including
SketchPath which is my own product. Again, even with XPath tools, you
will find that each one has a slightly different flavour that makes it
more suitable for specific tasks. So SketchPath isn't necessarily
better than any other XPath tool, but hopefully it is different.

Phil Fearon

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