[xsl] Where's a basic "boiler-plate" xslt for <em>, <strong>, etc. in XML -> XHTML?

Subject: [xsl] Where's a basic "boiler-plate" xslt for <em>, <strong>, etc. in XML -> XHTML?
From: Bill Powell <junk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 16:49:34 -0400
Hi all,

I've just gotten into XML and XSLT and I'm excited, but
after a few tutorials and browsing around sample XSLT sites,
I have a question: does anyone know of a simple XSLT
anywhere that simply translates HTML tags in an XML file
into XHTML?

For instance, if an XML file includes:

<sect1>Heading 1</sect1>
	<p>Some <strong>bold</strong> text. And
<em>emphasized</em> text too.</p>
	<sect2>Heading 2</sect2>
		<p>More <em>emphasized</em> text.</p>

Is there a simple XSLT out there that _just_ translates
<sect1> and <sect2> into <h1> and <h2>, <p> into <p>, <em>
into <em>, _no matter what node it's in?_

I'm thinking y'all might be laughing, but really it doesn't
seem so simple to me. Yet. ;)

I'd like to start using XML for my blog, and I'm excited
about the nifty stuff I can do with categories and such, but
first I need to be able to get the basic posts (tidied into
XML) translating easily into HTML.

This might sound a lot like DocBook; it is, I'm basically
shooting for a very minimalist version of DocBook that won't
take 10 minutes to regenerate my site (and a half hour to
customize; for me, anyhow).

Thanks in advance,
Bill Powell


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