Re: [xsl] iterate through nodes and determine output by node type

Subject: Re: [xsl] iterate through nodes and determine output by node type
From: XSL-List Owner <xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 18:22:53 -0400
At 1:04 PM -0700 10/1/07, Mario Madunic wrote:
I know it is a dead end so please stop flogging a dead horse by mentioning it.

Once a topic is raised on a public discussion list the people on the list are free to discuss it as they choose.

All I wanted was ideas on how to do something I've not done in the past and not
be spoken down to.

Actually, I don't think anyone was speaking down to you. They were giving you advice, which is reasonable since you posted a question on a public discussion list. Free advice is often worth far more than you pay for it, especially on XSL-List, but nobody is under any obligation to take any advice, here or elsewhere.

If you don't want to continue participating in this discussion, don't. Please don't be defensive about it; participants on XSL-List:
- try to help people who ask questions, and
- enjoy the discussion, which sometimes wanders away from, or
continues beyond the scope of the original question.
This is the nature of discussion lists, and is not unlike the nature of conversations. You are free to drop out of a discussion (or conversation) but not to tell others that they must stop the discussion.

-- Tommie

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