[xsl] Convert CALS Table

Subject: [xsl] Convert CALS Table
From: "Owens, Stephen P" <Stephen.P.Owens@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 13:25:38 -0400
Hello gregor FELLENZ:

--- In your original inquiry you said -
>hello xsl-list,
>i have to normalize CALS tables, to another table model which has no
>colspan resp. rowspan abilities.
>I have to fill for each omitted entry an empty cell in my new
>document, to generate valid tables.
>Realizing this for colspan is no problem (as you can see in my
>xslt) but i have no idea how to cover the rowspan.
>The problem is, that i have to insert in every spanned row an empty
>cell, but how can i gather this information?
>Any ideas or hints how i can realize this?
--- End of quote -

There is a response to your question posted at

If you are still interested.


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