Re: [xsl] ANN: Syntext Releases Xsl-Status V1.3.0, a Progress Tracking Tool for XSLT Stylesheet Developers

Subject: Re: [xsl] ANN: Syntext Releases Xsl-Status V1.3.0, a Progress Tracking Tool for XSLT Stylesheet Developers
From: "Colin Adams" <colinpauladams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 10:31:16 +0000
There seems to be a contradiction with the documentation, which says
it is a tool for XSL:FO developers, but here you say it is for XSLT
developers. Please clarify.

On 07/11/2007, Syntext, Inc. <xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Syntext is glad to announce the release of Xsl-Status V1.3.0, an indispensable
> progress tracking tool for XSLT stylesheet developers.
> The release features the following enhancements:
> - The ability to generate multiple reports at a time.
> - The ability to group generated reports.
> - The ability to generate summary reports.
> - XML Catalogs support.
> Being originally designed for the developers of XSLT stylesheets for
> Syntext Serna WYSIWYG XML editor, Xsl-Status has been extremely handy
> generating reports on the support of elements of large schemas such
> as DITA, Docbook, and S1000D. With the reports generated with Xsl-Status,
> Syntext Serna XSLT stylesheet developers always know which of the numerous
> elements are supported, which elements have yet to be supported, which
> elements are being tested, etc.
> The new version of Xsl-Status has made it possible for Syntext Serna
> XSLT stylesheet developers to generate reports for several document types
> simultaneously (e.g. DITA Task, Topic, Concept) and have them grouped by
> category (e.g. Serna DITA 1.3, Serna DITA 1.1). Multiple reports are
> displayed conveniently as structured lists in summary reports, with links
> letting you access a desired report easily.
> Xsl-Status helps you track:
> - The support of XML Schema elements in your XSLT stylesheet.
> - The support status of a particular element: development, testing, finished.
> - Which template supports a particular XML element.
> The tool can also be used by the project manager to see the project progress
> and assign the priority.
> Download Xsl-Status for free at:
> for Windows
> for Linux
> Documentation:
> Xsl-Status is written in Python, coming as a free open source tool with
> Apache license.
> -- The Syntext Team

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