RE: [xsl] How to read Schema XSD in stylesheet XSL!

Subject: RE: [xsl] How to read Schema XSD in stylesheet XSL!
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:02:23 -0500
At 04:54 AM 11/28/2007, you wrote:
If you need to ask the question, then you shouldn't attempt this.

Writing a program in any language that tests whether instances are valid
against a schema is a significant challenge and requires a good knowledge of
the theory of compiler writing. Writing such a program in XSLT is
significantly more difficult (because the classical approach uses finite
state machines, and XSLT is stateless).

The OP doesn't however, tell us why this is "urgent" and whether (or why) the problem couldn't be solved by not doing it.

Many XML environments and processors come with various sorts of schema validation. It might be interesting to see whether any of them support calling for validation from inside XSLT. Which is backwards, to be sure, but people have done stranger things with XSLT.

For example, Saxon8 + extensions can load and execute a transformation from inside a stylesheet. Can it call for schema validation (of input or output) while doing this? (I assume one would need Saxon-SA for this.)


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