RE: RE: [xsl] Help with tree menu

Subject: RE: RE: [xsl] Help with tree menu
From: Lucas Gonçalves Grossi <lggrossi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 19:02:40 -0300

Thanks for the help Charles :) I solved the problem today, after many hours of


> It looks like I'm having trouble understanding the issue.
> It would help if you follow the list guidelines and post ALL of the
> o Your input document (we have that)
> o The stylesheet you are that's causing the problem  (we have that)
> o The output you are hoping to get (missing)
> A description of the problem and a description of the hoped-for output is
not an adequate substitute for a sample of hoped-for output.
> I should have made this point earlier.
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> Charles Knell
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> Subject:  RE: [xsl] Help with tree menu
> Well, in my opinion the problem is in XSL, because this menu that I created
functions very well. The problem is that, when I use the for-each expression
with the value-of expression, they just put the <h4> tag in the first value of
the "value-of" expression. I need a way to generate this <h4> in xsl in front
of all values catched from the xml.
> For me the menu is a secondary matter, because is just a way to makes the
output more presentable. The important thing in my job was get an html and put
inside the xml file, using the XSL. This part was done, but i need to do this
tree menu now.
> I don't know how to generate this <h4> tag in front of all my values of the
xml, using the XSL for-each and value-of.
> If I'm wrong about guessing that this is a XSL problem, ok.
> Thanks,

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