[xsl] Easy: Stop data from displaying

Subject: [xsl] Easy: Stop data from displaying
From: "Amy Drayer" <amostrom@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 16:01:49 -0600
Dear XSLers:

I am having a difficult time with what seems like an easy problem. The
channel information is being displayed for a feed, and I am not sure
how to write the XSL to specify those fields not to display.

The feed is at: http://calendar.kcscienceinc.org/calendar/rss/calendar_id/1.xml
The XSL is at: http://e.jocolibrary.org/all/s/pevents.xsl
What is produces is at:

I want the <title>, <link>, <description>, and <generator> elements at
the <channel> level not to pull onto my page. Does anyone have any
suggestions? I really appreciate your help!

In peace,

Amy M. Drayer
Web Interface Designer

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