[xsl] Removing dead targets from Ant build files

Subject: [xsl] Removing dead targets from Ant build files
From: "Heath, Graham" <Graham.Heath@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 08:45:25 +0100
Does anyone out there have a stylesheet that parses and trims dead targets
from ant build files?

I started writing a stylesheet to do this but it got very convoluted and never
acheived what I wanted so I gave up.
Currently we use Saxon 6.53 (becuase of DocBook).
I am also convinced that other people must also have large unwieldy ant files
that over time have collected a bunch of dead targets (ones that do not appear
in depends="" lists and do not have a description attribute).

Thanks for any ideas, hints, or stylesheets. There is, of course, the related
issue of chunking these build files by following dependancies from distinct
targets to build "feature" related build files, that are smaller and more

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