[xsl] XML Diff and Merge

Subject: [xsl] XML Diff and Merge
From: "Marroc" <marrocdanderfluff@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 11:27:41 +0100
Hi all, Do you use any visual XML Diff tool to compare the results of XSL
transforms? I've had a look at these:

- IBM Alphaworks produce an XML Diff and Merge tool that sounds perfect.
Unfortunately it doesn't run under recent Java VMs (I tried it).

- StylusStudio - has XML Diff under Tools > Show Differences in > Files - it
does indeed show the differences and they are nicely presented and colour
coded but the individual files are not editable and differences cannot be

- oXygen XML Author has a Diff tool that works well and allows merging of
changes in either direction between a pair of files. It also has a simple
command line that should allow it to be started automatically from a CMS.

Do you know of any other tools I should be considering? Specifically Free
Software or Open Source would be good.


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