RE: [xsl] XML Diff and Merge

Subject: RE: [xsl] XML Diff and Merge
From: "Marroc" <marrocdanderfluff@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:11:18 +0100
Thanks Peter, from reading the website, they appear to be
focussed on data rather than xsl/xml for documentation as we are. Their
merge also looks primitive - the suggestion is that it is all-or-nothing
whereas I'd like to be able to deliberate over each item.


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From: Hofman, Peter 

I'm still using ExamXML from

It's pretty cheap (USD 29 for single user license and USD 285 for site
They also have commandline interface and Java API for ExamXML as well as CSV
to XML and XML to CSV conversion tools.

>Hi all, Do you use any visual XML Diff tool to compare the results of 
>XSL transforms? I've had a look at these:

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