[xsl] NaN showing up in firefox

Subject: [xsl] NaN showing up in firefox
From: Dale Tan <wtdtan@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 02:10:35 -0400
I'm doing some math with xslt to find a low number and a high number to see which number elements you're viewing (1 to 60 of 100). In safari, when you first load the page, you get the initial numbers correctly. However, when firefox is loaded, i get NaN to NaN of 100. But when i go to the next page, the numbers show up perfectly fine (61 to 100 of 100).

i find this kind of odd simply b/c i thought all the xslt was done server side and then spit out into html. But I guess i am mistaken here. I have tried wrapping all my values inside the number() function and then doing the math that way, but that still didn't seem to work.

does anyone have any suggestions? has anyone else encountered this strange behavior? could it be that since i'm selecting my values from an @attribute that's why the NaN is showing up in Firefox?


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