[xsl] Conditional use of <xsl:apply-imports> or <xsl:import> XSLT 2.0

Subject: [xsl] Conditional use of <xsl:apply-imports> or <xsl:import> XSLT 2.0
From: "Pankaj Chaturvedi" <pankaj.chaturvedi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 19:25:57 +0530

I have a stylesheet, which imports 8-9 other stylesheet into it. I am using
<xsl:import> (with <>xsl:apply-imports>) element instead of <xsl:include>,
as I need to override matching rules of main (calling) stylesheet.

As I am importing the various stylesheet(basically different reference style
with same matching elements), I am trying to figure out whether a
conditional <xsl:apply-imports> can be done. I was looking into the
tutorials for using <xsl:apply-imports> and I don't think attribute
"use-when" will be of any help in my case.

Basically the conditional <xsl:apply-imports> for reference styles depends
upon the "journalcode". Below is what I am trying to achieve.


<xsl:template match="article/meta/journalcode[.='ABCD' | 'EFGH' | 'IJKL' |
<xsl:apply-imports/> <!--  Some thing I need to do here  -->

Another way of get it done is use of "mode" attribute <xsl:apply-templates
mode="Reference-style-1"/>, which infact I was using as of now, but I ending
up defining a huge stylesheet. This was reason I thought of having different
modules to make the things manageable.

My questions:

1. Can the conditional apply-imports can be done. Or even conditional import
of <xsl:import> instead of declaring all of them on top?
2. I have also noticed that my transformation taking much more time after
declaring (xsl:import) all the stylesheet on top. Do this have anything to
do with importing lots of stylesheet or this my incorrect clairvoyance? I am
using XMLSPY enterprise edition.
3. Finally, is this a correct method to approach?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Pankaj Chaturvedi


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