Re: [xsl] Formatting issue with HTML and TEXT output method

Subject: Re: [xsl] Formatting issue with HTML and TEXT output method
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 17:35:44 +0200
Senthilkumaravelan K wrote:
Hi Abel,
We have an two xslt, one produces the HTML  output and other produces
the text output for the same xml data.
My xml data has more nodes than I have given in my last example.

Always <cond> node has html content as text node value .
Like: <cond><b>bold text<i>italic bold</i></b>normal text</cond>?

What does "has html content as text node value" mean? If it is a text node and it contains html, then it is not a text node anymore, but a combined node with text and children. The other way around, if it really is text (like XSLT text() would give true for the whole content) then it cannot be html anymore.

When We render it in html output, base on the formatting elements
being used in html tag
it get displayed properly.
that's nice, but I don't see how that would work based on your sample data...

In case of text output, I loose the formatting attributes of the html
content in the <cond> for the text output method.

of course, because text cannot be formatted.

Hope I am clear in my question.

ehrm, no, I'm afraid not. I understand you are trying to explain yourself, really, a clear input/output example, plus what you currently have as XSLT would help understanding what you are after much more than the best English prose.

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help,

-- Abel --

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