[xsl] Identity Transform losing original line feed

Subject: [xsl] Identity Transform losing original line feed
From: "Karl Stubsjoen" <kstubs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 16:29:42 -0700
I have a number of xsl templates which I am running an identity transform on:

<xsl:template match="node() | @*">
        <xsl:apply-templates select="@* | node()" />

    <xsl:template match="xsl:import/@href | xsl:include/@href">
        <xsl:attribute name="href">
            <xsl:value-of select="concat('get?include=', .)"/>

The basic principle here, is preserve the original templates exactly,
but update the import and include href tag as specified.
So the transform works fine except that the line feed character is
changed after the transform.  My proof of this is a simple, open in
notepad, where before the transform I have line spaces, and after the
transform I do not.

So what gives?  What is happening to those line feeds?  Here is my output tag:

<xsl:output method="xml" version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" indent="yes"/>

Also note:  my stylesheets are created and edited in Oxygen.


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