RE: [xsl] Changing the Attibute Value

Subject: RE: [xsl] Changing the Attibute Value
From: "Buddhi D. Mahindarathne" <buddhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:36:40 +0530
Dear All,

I am really sorry if any of you felt upset due to my mail. I don't want
to dray beyond this because this is not a Place to talk personal things.

Anyway still I didn't get a proper answer for my second question... Is
anyone there to answer..??

Abel, sorry !!

- Buddhi Dananjaya
>From Sri- Lanka

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Subject: Re: [xsl] Changing the Attibute Value

Buddhi D. Mahindarathne wrote:
> First of all thank you, for your valuable answer and time
> For the first query I found the answer from your query...
> But for the second I am not happy with the answer you provided... I
> the thing I have asked is not XSL basics. Please don't discriminate
> people here. Hope many comes to here getting other peoples valuable
> help. Keep in mind no one knows everything.
> I have expertise in so many other areas than XSLT, I am bit new to
> world. Rather than learning it from kinder garden I came here to get
> expert answer for my question (I hope you all agree as SW people we
> very limited time). That is what this kind of forums does.
> I too involved in so many forms related to my field and giving answers
> to the people who ever, asked for NO COST. (People are born to help
> others)
> Hope all the above are not related to XSL, Sorry guys... I am really
> happy the way "Abel" treat the people who comes here...

I appreciate your frankness.

My apologies if I offended you, that was never my attention. But I think

it is quite normal to give a pointer to a tutorial, a book, a reference,

a website or whatever where people can be taught the basics of something

when the basics seems to be the something that is missing. I too have
had pointers to tutorials when other experts found that I was lacking
some basics and I usually was happy about it. If you're not, I'm sorry
about it.

But maybe I was too harsh in my wording. English is not my native tongue

and sometimes I can be a bit strong in my opinion. So once more, my
apologies if I offended you.

In general, and I can only speak for myself here, I answer questions,
basic and advanced, when I feel like it, when I have the time and when
the asker is clear and to the point enough with his or her question. If
the latter is not the case I tend to ask for clarification. Sometimes I
repeatedly do that when my questions are not answered. I believe that's
a good thing because some people just don't know how to formulate a
question correctly, for instance because of lack of understanding of the

terminology involved.

I found your second question very general in nature, hence I pointed to
a tutorial which, imho, explains what you are after.

Your first question was very to the point, hence you got a direct

Kind regards and no hard feelings,

-- Abel --

PS: hopefully others give you a better "feel" on this list, all in all,
we want everybody to be happy, right?

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