Re: [xsl] XSLT 1 vs. 2 stylesheet performance issues

Subject: Re: [xsl] XSLT 1 vs. 2 stylesheet performance issues
From: Michael Ludwig <mlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 20:02:07 +0200
Ilya Sterin schrieb:
I'm not setting any keys.  Our xml structure is a cross reference
structure, but we haven't explicitly declared any keys.  But the same
is true when we run this through xslt 2.  Are you saying that xslt 1
was in need of explicit keys as opposed to xslt 2 processors?


From: Ilya Sterin [mailto:sterini@xxxxxxxxx]

I'm a bit stumped by the performance issues we're having.  We have an
xslt 1 compliant stylesheet that takes 10 minutes to run in xslt 1
processors (Saxon, Xalan, libxslt) and a few seconds in Saxon 9B.
I'm not sure what it can possibly be.

I remember Michael Kay saying on this list an index may be built automatically in Saxon, but this seems to be true only for the SA edition, unless the feature has leaked into the B edition (which is, of course, pure speculation).

Maybe try Gestalt and Altova as well to see how they handle this case.

Michael Ludwig

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