Re: [xsl] XPATH problem

Subject: Re: [xsl] XPATH problem
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 13:31:40 GMT
> Subject: [xsl] XPATH problem

If you read the list guidelines which are posted regularly and linked
from the list's home page, you'll see a suggestion to use more
descriptiiiiiive subject lines for the sake of the archives, the above
subject would apply to almost all posts here Also the guidelines suggest
posting a small but complete input document and a required result from
that input. 

It's hard to offer any help as presumably your problem is in the part of
the code that you didn't show.

	<xsl:if test="s0:Instance/REDUCEDI[.='00' or .='04'">

This is more or less what I suspect you want except (presumably, you
didn't show it) the REDUCEDI should also be in the so: namespace so
so:REDUCEDI, but for elements with REDUCEDI of 03 the above test will
certainly be false (either there is no REDUCEDI in no-namepsace, or
there is but it does not have value 00 or 04.

so the FAMES that you say you see in the output does not come from

	<xsl:if test="s0:Instance/REDUCEDI[.='00' or .='04'">

so presumibly it comes from  either the 1st or 3rd 	... that you
show in your xsl:for-each block. Its hard to say what's wrong with that.

in your second version, it's unlikely that 


will ever seelct anything, current() is a Student node, so the predicate
is true just if the string value of the urrent student node is equal to
th string value of the HUSID child of a student node, which sees
unlikely as you say the Student element contains may elements which have
text content.


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