[xsl] Entities

Subject: [xsl] Entities
From: "J. S. Rawat" <jrawat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 15:39:24 +0530
Hi list,
I am involve in a xml to html to xml conversion
by xslt and entities conversion is a problematic
issue. Below are the steps for conversion.
XML INPUT Entities: &#x201C; (left double
quote),  &#x201D; (right double quote), &#x2013;
(n dash),  and &#x2014; (m dash)
1. Taking xml input (See XML INPUT Entities),
perform a.xsl (sexon/altova any one of them) and
getting html output by encoding="UTF-8" (See HTML OUTPUT Entities).
HTML OUTPUT Entities: b (left double
quote),  b (right double quote), b (n dash),  and b (m dash)
2. Process this html output in a html editor and
do the required changes (This editor require UTF-8)
3. Take above modified html and perform b.xsl and
retrieve xml again by encoding="iso-8859-1" (See XML OUTPUT).
XML OUTPUT Enties: &#8220; (left double
quote),  &#8221; (right double quote), &#8211; (n dash),  and &#8212; (m

I want the entities should be same as input xml
ie. &#x201C; for left double quote.

If anybody have any idea, please le me know


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