[xsl] Matching using variable or Substring

Subject: [xsl] Matching using variable or Substring
From: "V.Ramkumar" <v.ramkumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:44:12 +0530
Hi List,

I am doing XSLT2.0 transformation HTML 2 XML using saxon9. 

My input always contains p with some defined attribute (Ex: <p
class="FeaturePara">) based on this I am doing this transformation.

Here, 'FeaturePara' is the defined/standard attribute, but now it is
changing FeaturePara1 or FeaturePara2, FeaturePara_1, FeaturePara_small,
ect. Here FeaturePara is the standard.

The same template I am going to apply for all the above arrtibute starting
with 'FeaturePara' followed anything.

How to match the above case, what method/logic we have to use. Please
suggest anyone.


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