RE: [xsl] bottom border on page break in xsl-fo tables

Subject: RE: [xsl] bottom border on page break in xsl-fo tables
From: "Trevor Nicholls" <trevor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 01:01:20 +1300
's OK, I've got it working properly. For some reason playing around with
"border-bottom" didn't work:

     border="1pt solid black"

but I found some examples using "border-after" and that does the job.
I don't understand why the results are different, but they quite evidently

This is using Fop 0.95.


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Subject: [xsl] bottom border on page break in xsl-fo tables


Most of my tables have a header and no footer, so when the table is broken
across a page only the last row draws a solid border (which is because the
table border is set). There is a similar issue with tables without headers,
but these are infrequent (and extremely unlikely to cross a page boundary).
To get a solid border at the bottom of the partial table I have been
constructing an fo:table-footer complete with a dummy row and empty cells
(and the analogous method for headers), but I imagine there must be a
simpler technique which I've missed. Is there, or is this really the correct
way to do it?

Thank you

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