Re: [xsl] are multiple predicates same as boolean and

Subject: Re: [xsl] are multiple predicates same as boolean and
From: Michael Ludwig <mlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 17:42:55 +0100
Vasu Chakkera schrieb:
[...] if you are designing a system from the scratch, with the design
of XML , then a lot of thought on the relational model of the business
with an inclination to what the Output would look like or is catering,
will help create smarter , and high performance stylesheet, coupled
with the good features of the XSLT2  ( potentially with less
predicates )

I really liked the way Wendell Piez put it a while ago on this list:

  XSLT, especially XSLT 1.0, is at its best when the incoming data
  is well designed. When it isn't, one has to call on more advanced
  techniques such as processing text nodes explicitly. Of course,
  XSLT also exerts a gravitational pull on XML semantics, such that
  well-designed XML comes to be the XML that XSLT can handle without
  fuss. -- Wendell Piez, 30.09.2008, XSL-List

Michael Ludwig

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