Re: [xsl] sequence of strings

Subject: Re: [xsl] sequence of strings
From: Ruud Grosmann <r.grosmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:20:04 +0100
Michael Kay wrote:

I would tend to write that as

<xsl:function name="get-attributes" as="xs:string*">
  <xsl:param name="string" as="xs:string"/>
  <xsl:sequence select="'BLD'[contains($string, 'bold')],
'ITA'[contains($string, 'italic')]"/>

Thank you for your answer. This I was looking for all the time: a way to create a sequence of string in the select of xsl:sequence. However, I don't understand completely what is going on in that select. I have your programmers reference. If you could tell me what section I should read to understand it, I would be grateful...

or if it were a longer list of names then

<xsl:variable name="styles" as="element(style)">
  <style name="BLD" code="bold"/>
  <style name="ITA" code="italic"/>

<xsl:function name="get-attributes" as="xs:string*">
<xsl:param name="string" as="xs:string"/>
<xsl:sequence select="$styles[contains($string, @code)]/@name"/>

I am going to use this one. Obviously the two missing links were the xsl:function element and the xsl:sequence use. I suspect I only use a subset of the xslt2 features...

Thanks for helping!

regards, Ruud

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