Re: [xsl] [Ann (sort of)] ODF 1.2 to XHTML 1.1

Subject: Re: [xsl] [Ann (sort of)] ODF 1.2 to XHTML 1.1
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 23:52:22 GMT
   That said, the
   validation of imbedded formulae has no problem, although the
   name space (MathML 1.01 vs. MathML 2.0) might cause problems in
   some applications,

The mathml namespace is the same in all versions of MathML, 1,2,3., so
I'm not sure that I understand this comment.

    MathML is Entity intensive and less amenable to schema processing, 

There's no requirement to use entities in MathML, mainly that are an aid
to hand authoring. If the mathml is being generated by or an XSLT
stylesheet there is no need (and many advantages) to not using any
entities at all.


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