[xsl] "Complex" footnote/endnote scenario

Subject: [xsl] "Complex" footnote/endnote scenario
From: "NINN (Niels Nygaard Nielsen)" <NiNN@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 15:11:48 +0100
I am  creating a document where I use two different types of notes. A "title"
note, which should always be put at the bottom of the first page (like a
footnote), and one or more "body" notes that should be gathered at the bottom
of the last page (like endnotes). If there is only one page, the body notes
should just follow the title note at the bottom as if they were footnotes.
I've managed to do this using footnote for the title note and gathering
footnotes at the end for body notes. The problem is if there are too many
notes they break the page and continue at the bottom of a new blank page. This
doesn't look good.

What I would like is to have the title note at the bottom of the first page.
Body notes follow the title note if there is only one page. If more than one
page, body notes are gathered at the end and are put at the bottom of the last
page containing text. If they do not fit on the last page they can continue at
the top of a new last page. In addition, they shouldn't all move to the top of
the new last page, only the ones that don't fit at the bottom of the

Unfortunately I don't really see how this could be accomplished.
In case of just one page, if I want the body notes to follow the title note in
the footnote-reference-area, I need to add them to that area. But they need to
be added as endnotes (gathered footnotes), just in case there is more than one
page. If I have too many notes they continue at the footnote-reference-area of
a new blank page. It's not possible to have them start at a bottom region and
continue at top region on the next page. The only thing that gets close is the
body-region, but I will not be able to use this region if I want the body
notes to follow the title note on a single page. Then I would have to move the
title note to the body-region as well, but then I wouldn't be able to put the
title note correctly on the first page. The title note must be a footnote to
fulfill the requirements.

Am I right in assuming that this can't be done or am I missing something?

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