[xsl] Re: selecting from sequences

Subject: [xsl] Re: selecting from sequences
From: "Vladimir Nesterovsky" <vladimir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 21:25:25 +0200
> $seq[>>EXP]    everything in $seq after the first item that
satisfies EXP
> $seq[>>=EXP]   everything in $seq after and including -"-
> $seq[<<EXP]    everything in $seq before the first item
that satisfies EXP
> $seq[<<=EXP]   everything in $seq before and including -"-
Any solution that involves first finding the index position of the first
element that has @page='2' and then selecting by position is a bit of a
hack, and a solution that involves recursion is beyond the abilities of 90%
of the user base.

These operations assume two logical steps: 1) locate item of sequence; 2) get result subsequence;

I think it is convenient to use recursion when result is formed through induction.

In this case the role resursion is to fuse two logical steps, which is a bit of a hack.

P.S. on the other hand one can reformulate these tasks as inductive.
Vladimir Nesterovsky

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