[xsl] xml cells transformed in to a 2-d table, some table cells missing, full table required - constant variables.

Subject: [xsl] xml cells transformed in to a 2-d table, some table cells missing, full table required - constant variables.
From: "Brendan Sleight" <bms@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 02:00:49 +0000
Hi All,

I am having fun with XSL. I am developing an application for traffic
signals (traffic-lights) that uses xml and the input and output. I
want to make everything based around the xml. So I decided to use
stylesheets when I need text output rather than create extra methods
on the classes. Basically I now being stubborn and am _going_ to use
stylesheets even if it drives me insane.

I have hit a snag as variables in XSL are constant. So I can not set a
flag to tell me when something has not produced a output.

I am taking a basic xml file:-
Basically with lots of entries such as:-

Each of the <intergreen> are going to be used to form a 2-d table. So
far I have got this stylesheet:-

Normally I would use python-amara -
http://uche.ogbuji.net/tech/4suite/amara/ as my XSL processor, but I
testing using xmlstarlet. http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/, version
1.0.1-2. The command:-
xmlstarlet tr ./site-transform-intergreens.xsl ./example-site-2.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<b>Intergreen table</b><tt><i>
 </i><i>  A</i><i>  B</i><i>  C</i><i>  D</i><i>
 A</i><b> 7 </b><b> 5 </b><i>
 B</i><b> 7 </b><i>
 C</i><b> 6 </b><i>
 D</i><b> 5 </b><b> 5 </b><b> 5 </b></tt>

Or without the <b> and <i>, A table of "from" verus "to" :-

Intergreen table
   A  B  C  D
 A 7  5
 B 7
 C 6
 D 5  5  5

However I can not find a solution where if i do not have en entry for
say, From A to D, a cell is still added to the plain text table. (Long
story but I can not use html tables.) So rather then getting a half
table I get a full populated table, the ideal answer:-

Intergreen table
    A  B  C  D
 A 0  7  5  0
 B 7  0  0  0
 C 6  0  0  0
 D 5  5  5  0

I could pre-populate the xml file with null entires, but that makes
the file on say a 32x32 table not very friendly for a human to read.

I have played around with a few options, but hit the snag that
variables in XSL are constants so flags are out of the question. Also
the stylesheet feel very poorly written by me, as I loop through all
the entries of the <intergreen> tag until I find the tag equaling row
and column, which feels very in-efficient.

So any tips on getting the stylesheet to the correct output would be
very appreciated as I have hit a bit of a brick wall and run out of
ideas. I am very new to style sheets and xml.  Can this even be done
with stylesheets ?

Best Regards,
Brendan M. Sleight

xmlstarlet tr ./processor-version.xsl ./exmaple.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/strict";><head><title>XSLT
Processor Version</title>
</head><body><p>XSL version: 1.0
</p><p>Vendor: libxslt
</p><p>Vendor URL: http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/
</p><p>Product name: [Undefined]
</p><p>Product version: [Undefined]
</p><p>Is schema-aware: [Undefined]
</p><p>Supports serialization: [Undefined]
</p><p>Supports backwards compatibility: [Undefined]

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