Re: [xsl] Opera's XSLT engine - available as standalone?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Opera's XSLT engine - available as standalone?
From: COUTHURES Alain <alain.couthures@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 09:17:20 +0100
Hi Scott,

My project XSLTForms ( uses the browser XSLT engine to transform XForms to XHML+Javascript.

Opera XSLT engine seems to have a "rigid" conformance to W3C recommandation so it's behavior might be different from the others. What seems to be a bug could be a correct implement...

Since I have not been confronted to a "nothing appends" situation with Opera, I have not tried to get a command-line program...

I have not investigate it too much but I already know that Opera does not like complex parameters for templates so I have to put those parameters into variables to get it work.

Do you use a relative path in the processing instruction ? When not with an HTTP server, it might cause the browser to activate some security stuff not to allow it...

I hope it will help.

Bordeaux, France

Scott Trenda a icrit :
I'm doing some development on a system that generates and delivers XML with an <?xml-stylesheet?> reference, but Opera seems to be completely ignoring the stylesheet. I know the source and stylesheet are valid, but I can't seem to get Opera to tell me where the problem is. Does anyone know if Opera's internal XSLT engine is available for download anywhere, as a standalone command-line program? It would be great for debugging purposes like mine.

~ Scott

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