[xsl] FO border-end-width conditionality discard

Subject: [xsl] FO border-end-width conditionality discard
From: Karl Stubsjoen <kstubs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:40:13 -0700
I need help with border-end-width conditionality.  I think this is
what I need.  The below table-row is the last in a set of table-rows.
The table will repeat many times on the page.  So, this last table-row
block border needs to be discarded when it appears last on each page.
Am I doing this right?  Must not be, it isn't working for me.

                        <table-cell number-columns-spanned="5">
border-end-width.conditionality="discard" border="solid 1px #000">
                                <leader />


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