[xsl] Parsing address data from PAR and BREAK

Subject: [xsl] Parsing address data from PAR and BREAK
From: "Karl Forsyth" <wd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 13:22:55 -0800

I'm relatively new to XSLT. I need to extract legacy data from an XML =
representation of rich-text, and am having difficulty parsing around the =
<break> element. Specifically, I'm trying to reliably parse address =
information from this:

<tablecell borderwidth=3D'0px'>
<par def=3D'23'><run><font size=3D'9pt' name=3D'Arial' =
truetype=3D'false' familyid=3D'10'/>
123 E. Main Street<break/>Anytown, ST 12355<break/>USA</run>
<run><font size=3D'9pt' style=3D'bold' name=3D'Arial' truetype=3D'false' =
familyid=3D'10' color=3D'navy'/>

...to this:

<address>123 E. Main Street</address>

I'm using the Altova XSLT 2.0 engine. I've been poking around trying to =
find how this might be done, but am coming up short. Any suggestions =
will be much appreciated.


Karl Forsyth

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