[xsl] processing multiple values in a single attribute

Subject: [xsl] processing multiple values in a single attribute
From: Charlie O <charlieo0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 17:16:32 -0400
I could help with a problem I haven't been confronted with until now. I am converting SGML into well-formed XML, then using XSLT to restructure/re-tag the XML to a different DTD.

I need to convert each value of single attribute to an XML structure. I'm not really sure where to start. I'm using XSL 1.0. I started with a for-each for the attribute FAULTS itself, but that's not the result I need. I basically need to traverse through each value of FAULTS

Here is my input element:

<FAULT-REF FAULTS="PF01 PF02 PF03 PF04 PF05 PF06 PF07 PF08 PF09 PF10 PF11">

I need transfrom each value of "FAULTS" (PF01, PF02, etc) into this:

<variableref name="PF01"/>
<fault fault-code="PF01" fault-state="ok"/>
<variableref name="PF02"/>
<fault fault-code="PF02" fault-state="ok"/>
</statemanipulation> <statemanipulation>
<variableref name="PF03"/>
<fault fault-code="PF03" fault-state="ok"/>

Any help would be much appreciated.
This list has been a huge benefit to me. Thanks to the contributors here, I've had many "AHA" moments and I want to thank everyone for there assistance in the past.

Charles Flanders

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