RE: [xsl] HTML to XML

Subject: RE: [xsl] HTML to XML
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 18:04:39 +0100
> I'm a new user of this so I'm not sure that I should replied 
> directly to you 

Always reply to the list. (Unless asked to do otherwise).

> But it's incredibly slow about 20-30 sec each, is that normal or 
> there something that I'm not doing properly.

No, that's normal, but you haven't begun to tell us enough about what might
be causing the problem. Try with a simple stylesheet first; if that takes a
long time, post it in full and tell us how you are running it. It could be
anything - for example you could be fetching a schema or DTD from the web
over a slow connection.


Michael Kay 

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