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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [xsl] xslt/xinclude]
From: Mike Sokolov <sokolov@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 14:18:51 -0400
Thanks - yeah I did find some mention of this in the JAXP DocumentBuilderFactory which I guess is instantiating a parser. This seems to be more of a JAXP question than an XSLT question, so I'll take it elsewhere.


Michael Kay wrote:
XInclude processing is something that might be done by the XML parser or by
some intermediate processor before the XSLT transformation starts. The spec
says nothing about how parsing is done, it's up to products to provide the
configuration options they think users will need.

There's nothing in the JAXP spec about it (the JAXP transformation spec
predates XInclude).

Saxon has configuration options allowing you to request XInclude processing
- but it only works if you're using the Xerces parser. (And possibly on
.NET, I don't recall).


Michael Kay

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Subject: [xsl] xslt/xinclude

I have some questions about xinclude support in xslt 2.0. I did some reading, but couldn't quickly find the answer, and I'm sure you all are the best authority on this, so...

I understand that xinclude processing may be implemented by xslt 2.0
processors: if it is, is it always on, or on by default?

Is there a standard way to enable/disable xinclude (via javax.xml.transform API calls) - I didn't see anything there, and finally:

is it generally supported by most processors?

Thanks for your help


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