Re: [xsl] Curious about creating a custom function to java classes pertaining to images

Subject: Re: [xsl] Curious about creating a custom function to java classes pertaining to images
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 16:36:34 -0400

At 09:31 AM 8/6/2009, you wrote:
Sorry about the foggy subject line and if this
isnbt appropriate for this mailing list.

Was sitting here thinking about our various
image needs and was thinking about the
possibility of creating a custom function that
calls a Java class. Here is what Ibm thinking about:

Parse XML doc (DITA) using XSLT 2 and Saxon.
Come across a ref to an image (which we
havenbt decided if we create a specialized
concept to contain all relevant image info or some other method).
The original images will be SVG more than likely, at the moment they are
Parse the SVG to create the appropriate file
type (jpg, gif, wmf, etc, or just plain old SVG)
for output type, resize (based on conditions),
place the modified image in the appropriate
dir/db table. All this using XSLT via either a
call to Java class or a custom XSLT function calling a Java class.

Ibd like this to be part of the XSLT publishing workflow.

Has anyone done this or see any issues of doing
this? Just wanted a heads up before going further with this.

This doesn't sound unreasonable.

What I do is quite similar. I use Apache Cocoon,
which allows me to look up and load SVG files,
rasterize them into jpeg or PNG (using Apache
Batik, which comes with Cocoon), and rescale
them, when necessary, while doing so (using XSLT).

The reference to the file is either a direct call
to the server where Cocoon is running, or by
means of a key which is expanded by XSLT into such a link.

Essentially, this does everything you describe,
except I use Cocoon instead of writing the Java
myself, plus it's RESTful, using calls on a
(local) web server instead of extension
functions. You could certainly emulate this
functionality in Java, using components you
either acquired (from Cocoon or elsewhere) or wrote yourself.


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