Re: [xsl] Variables

Subject: Re: [xsl] Variables
From: Martin Honnen <Martin.Honnen@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:48:20 +0100
David Galligani wrote:

<webinfo workingdir="x_10_2009" />

 <output name="xplor">
  <iteration number="1">
   <pdb_info directory="./input_9/"

<xsl:for-each select="pdb_info">
<td><a href="file_pdb/">
<xsl:value-of select="@filename"/>

I want to concatenate the "workingdir" and "filename" values in an hyperlink , something like <a href='workingdir/filename'>File</a>
but atm nothing seems to work .

<a href="{/webenmr/calculation/webinfo/@workingdir}/{@filename}">
<xsl:value-of select="@filename}"/>

give you what you want?


	Martin Honnen

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