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The trouble with meta data round trips between formats is the
 problem with meta data round trips between bdisplaysb which may hide
meta data from view. While the results are common in real life,
 a similar
name on a bno flyb list causing a missed flight
 (a mis-identification),
or a targeted advertisementt way off
 target ( a mis bre-identificationn),
the root cause is simply
 that a format conversion confuses the distinction
 bexposedb and bunseenb. In the case of re-identification, the
 comes up as an identifier deletion when a data redaction was
The CSVplus Data Base is a generalized model of a CSV Format Spreadsheet.
Fully exposed meta data elements are added to the CSV Format
 to prevent the
unintentional deletion of identifiers.

While this format has an obvious
application for Application
 User Data and Address Books, it can also be used
on other data sets,
 for example, Web Forms or Social Networking Site
 or even Paper Forms.

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