[xsl] Re: Merging two XBEL files

Subject: [xsl] Re: Merging two XBEL files
From: List Owner <xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 00:07:59 -0500
You will improve the chances that you will receive prompt and helpful responses by:

  - asking specific enough questions that answers are possible. Describe
    what you are trying to do, how you approached it, what happened, and
    why you don't like the result you got

  - supplying small samples of files that illustrate your question or
    problem. For example, an XML file, an XSLT stylesheet, the result
    you got, and the result you want - all in miniature (and remembering
    that everything posted to XSL-List is archived in public)

Please try to provide enough information that it is possible to answer your question. I am sure that there are participants on this list who would like to help you, but without more information they cannot.

-- Tommie

At 10:40 PM +0000 12/24/09, Aaron Gray wrote:
2009/12/22 Aaron Gray <aaronngray.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
2009/12/22 Aaron Gray <aaronngray.lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Here's an example file :-


Sorry thats not an example, I seem to of lost the source :(

Anyone give me any clue how to approach this problem ?

Many thanks in advance,



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