[xsl] display & as text

Subject: [xsl] display & as text
From: Norias Anoria <noriasanoria@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 16:40:52 -0400
>How do I use special character "&" as regular text in my xml file using XSLT 1.0?
>The web browser won't parse xml files with "&" in them and I do not want use the character references, "&#38;" , "&amp;" or, "%20".

Is there a REASON you don't want to use any of those characters? "I do
not want to use the character references" without a reason is
unanswerable. It's like asking "how do I get into my on-line account
without using my password"?
You know the answer, you don't want to use it, and you don't say why
you don't want to use it. I don't see how anyone can help you.

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