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Subject: RE: [xsl] display & as text
From: mas christ <mas_christ@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 18:28:18 +0000
> At 07:08 PM 6/4/2010, you wrote:
>>Is there a book that explains where and how and when to do the string
>>manipulation programmatically on incoming data necessary to allow it to
>>the illegal entities changed to legal ones? I am the owner of several xml
>>and xsl books that don't seem to cover that part of the process.
> Strictly speaking the question (indeed the entire thread) is off-topic.

I believe the person was trying to help me out by that question.  The object
of my original post was to get a way to use the "&" character as regular text
in an xml file.  And I think by her wording she was trying to interface with
the high minded pros on this list to get a relavent solution to my first

> But it is both simple and complicated -- probably why there's no
> treatment of it in a book. The simple version of it is too simple to
> need it. The complicated version is both too deep and too general to
> be much use to a working programmer who has a specific set of issues.

Situation: for non-programmers copying and pasting text with "&" characters.

> The complex answer accounts for how some characters aren't allowed in
> XML, so they need to be scrubbed or changed into something else
> (these are mainly control characters you won't ordinarily see), and
> how certain constructs (namely, entity references) will be legal if
> you have declarations for them....

So what is the code?

> The simple answer is that, if these complications don't intervene,
> simply escaping all "&" into "&amp;" and "<" into "&lt;" should do
> the trick....
> Cheers,
> Wendell

No thanks.  Think about your Grandma's carpal tunnel syndrome or Stephen
Hawking's ALS disease.

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